Support & Contact


Do you think that the things I work on and what I create is worth supporting? Well then, let me thank you from the bottom of my heart! It’s always touching whenever someone thinks my videos or my writing is worthwhile!

I have two ways in which you can offer support: my Ko-fi page and my Patreon. Either is totally a non-pressure thing – if you feel like donating, that’s great, but it’s totally up to you. And if you enjoy my content but can’t donate, that’s totally fine too! Your support matters to me, no matter how you show it. Feedback, comments and messages are all valid ways of showing your support, and I appreciate and love each and every one of them. ❤

Again, no matter how you show your support, I am forever grateful. ❤


There are a number of ways in which you can get in contact with me:

You can drop me an e-letter at You can use this address for fanmail or even business related enquiries.

You can also follow me and @ me on Twitter. Unless, you know, I post an unpopular opinion and ask you to not @ me. ?

I also have an Instagram, if you want to see random pictures of my life, and a photography Instagram if you want to follow my photography work specifically.

And obviously, you can always leave a comment on my videos or blog posts! Don’t be shy, I don’t bite. ❤