Writober 2020 #1: Moon

Hello and welcome to the Writober series! These posts will feature flash fiction stories that I wrote for #Writober 2020 — one prompt each day for the whole month of October. Prompts provided by‘s pumpINK list.

Day 1: Moon ?

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Changes & Projects

It’s already the end of September! This month has gone by so quickly, mostly due to having to re-adjust not only to university starting again, but to whole new modules, new lecturers, and of course, it being all online. I think I’ve finally hit a good spot for balance, which also means I can finally update my blog with some real life news!



I never imagined by twenty-ninth birthday would be spent in the middle of a global pandemic, and yet here we are. ? What a milestone, eh?

As is tradition, I usually write a blog post on my birthday to reflect on me getting older — but this year I don’t really feel like doing that so much; and yes, it’s definitely because of the pandemic. This entire year has felt a bit like a non-year so far. Even so, I want to write something positive; so here’s a list of things I’ve learned and am grateful for, even in 2020. ❤️

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Mid-Year Round-Up: Films

Welcome to the second Mid-Year Round-Up post, in which I will list the films I’ve watched from January until the end of June. These are going to be a bit more “rapid-fire”, so to speak, since I have watched more movies than read books. Let’s get started!


Mid-Year Round-Up: Books

Welcome to Mid-Year Round-Up, a short series of posts where I write about all the media I’ve finished from the beginning of the year up until the end of June! I’ve seen a few of my friends write these sort of posts (mostly on bookstagram), and I myself had tried to make this sort of content into video format last year, but I was finding it hard to come across naturally on camera, so this year I’m opting for blog posts instead. This one specifically is about books (including manga and comic books), but there will be other posts about films/tv and video games, too.

Let’s begin! ?