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What Quarantine Was Like

My quarantine vlog is finally up! ✨

This video has taken a long while to put together, but it’s finally finished, and I like how it turned out!

At first it was supposed to be your “typical” vlog, and I had meant it to be a 3-day vlog (going from Saturday to Monday, a week or so after lockdown began). I filmed it all during those three days, but upon rewatching the footage a few weeks later, I realised I rambled way too much and it would be really hard to edit together. Then I kinda let the footage gather e-dust for a couple of months as I finished all my coursework and let my mental health get better.

After I got back to it at the end of May, and rewatching all the footage, I got the idea to turn it into something that appealed more to my aesthetic and realised I could edit it in a way that simplified the narrative of those three (mentally chaotic) days and ended on a positive message — without necessarily getting rid of the chaos, either!

Seeing and hearing everyone’s positive reaction to this video made me realise that I absolutely love making this sort of wholesome content. I’m just happy to see that people enjoyed it, were moved by it, that it resonated with them and/or that it helped them in some way, even by just feeling better on that day. It really makes me feel fulfilled and like my content is worthwhile. So I will definitely make more of this in the future. ♡

Hope you enjoy it! ✨ And if you do and want to support me, I have a Ko-fi and a Patreon now ?

Personal Tea Reflection

Lockdown Reflection

Hello blog. It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Last time I posted, I hinted that I was going to do a 2020 Resolutions with basically all of my intentions for this year. Boy, am I very glad I never got around to making that post.

Today, I want to talk about lockdown and how that felt like, and write my own personal reflection on it and a few other things connected to it — mainly motivation, purpose, burnout, routines and mental health.