Writober 2020 #5: Ice

Writober Prompt 5: Ice

“She hates the phrase “breaking the ice.” Invariably, that’s also what men try to do with her all the time; and she loathed it.”

Hello and welcome to the Writober series! These posts will feature flash fiction stories that I wrote for #Writober 2020 — one prompt each day for the whole month of October. Prompts provided by‘s pumpINK list.

Day 5: Ice ?

She hates the phrase “breaking the ice.” Invariably, that’s also what men try to do with her all the time; and she loathed it.

It’s never about her. No, when men accost her and start to impress her, they never do it because they genuinely think she’s a great person: they do it for selfish reasons. They do it for themselves, to show they can conquer anybody they want — that they can have anybody they want, effortlessly. And they can discard her and other women, just as effortlessly; because they don’t care.

It’s never about her. But for her, it’s about them.

Over the years, she has grown accustomed to men trying to flirt with her, to charm her, to put a spell on her. She’s grown curious as to what tactic each man will employ. Sometimes they make for a good laugh; other times, she simply studies them, taking note of their verbal and physical language.

Each has so much to say.

She engages very little, mostly lets them talk. They like the sound of their own voice to the backdrop of her body. She catches them looking, too closely, too intently, sometimes too dirtily, at her, but she never says a word about it.

She observes them. Silently encourages them to keep going, makes them believe they’re in control, a king ruling over their queen.

They’re certainly beautiful men, she has to give them that. Their bodies look sculpted with the finest marble.

Such rare beauty cannot be wasted.

It would be such a shame.

Their perfect bodies fit excellently in her bathtub. No reason to break this ice, marvellously preserving their carcasses.

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