After what seems like an eternity, it feels weird but also extremely satisfying to be writing in a blog again and to be able to say: welcome to my blog.

I stopped blogging in 2015 – not by choice, as much as by circumstance. There was a lot going on in my life, my entries in my old journal became pretty sporadic and I didn’t post anything after another long hiatus – effectively feeling and thinking that my journal was pretty much dead. This wasn’t as much of a decision, as much as it just happened.

I tried to get back into blogging in 2016, but that was very short-lived due to having to face a really low point in my life, the lowest I have ever been. It was hard and it was crippling, and, since I didn’t want to turn my blog into a negative space, I decided to just delete it (there were only a couple of entries posted due to me not being in the right headspace to update a blog anyway).

Then time passed. I got better. For the past year, I’ve always had this nagging thought in the back of my mind: “I want to start a blog again.” It was always there, it never left and would just pop back into the spotlight from time to time, then go to the back again, and so on and so forth. What stopped me ultimately was fear (of not keeping the blog as updated as I’d like it to be, fear to fail my expectations and my standards) and the fact that blogging seemed to have gone through some changes. Was anyone even interested in some old-fashioned blogging?

Eventually, I came to the conclusions that: my fears were unfounded and not something I should give into – and, no matter how “scared” I got, the thought, “I want to do this” still persisted, which meant a part of me really wanted to do it; secondly, yes, some people still do the “old-fashioned” blogging about their lives and I and others enjoy reading that kind of thing; and ultimately, that my blog is something that is here for me first and foremost, something that I need to make myself happy, let out my thoughts, practice my writing… in general, it’s a very personal project meant for me, to make me feel good above all and anyone else.

So after these realisations, there was nothing stopping me. I even got this little domain name a while back, while it was very cheap, and I decided I should put it to good use. And this time I didn’t just want a ‘journal’, but I wanted a blog with a purpose of some kind. And, due to the kind of person that I am and what is important to me, a motivational blog was the obvious choice.

Motivation will play a big part in this blog, but it won’t be the only thing – there will be personal posts, posts about my life and of course my thoughts, too. Anything that I feel like writing in my little corner of the web.

I’ve spent quite a bit of time on the major pages you see on the menu above and they really give you a nice picture of this blog, its purpose, the reason behind its name, what I hope to achieve, even my somewhat complicated relationship with the word “productive” and what my “philosophies” are when it comes to productivity – all of which form part of who I am. And of course, you’ll get to know me better as you keep reading my blog, too. ? I have many projects up my sleeve, many hobbies and there are many facets of me that I can’t wait to show the world!

That said, I hope you’ll make yourself comfortable, maybe with a nice cup of tea, and enjoy the ride with me. ?

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