The lapine

Bonjour! Thank you for clicking on this page and taking an interest in getting to know the mind behind this blog. I am not great at describing myself, but I will try.

As far as the basics go: my nickname is Faith, I am a 30-something Italian living in Scotland. I have many passions, but my main ones are: writing, filmmaking, photography, reading, tabletop RPGs, gaming, and digital painting. I used to make fansites as a hobby, but that interest has waned in my late 20s.

My dream is to be a published author, but for now I am an edit assistant/editor by daylight, but magical girl by moonlight. ???? I have a very small youtube channel where I post cosy/aesthetic vlogs, talk about books, show timelapses of my digital paintings and post slowed & reverb versions of songs I like. It’s chaos but it’s my organised chaos. ❤️

I think that’s all the main stuff out of the way – the rest you will discover in my blog posts!


Aujourd’hui, Lapine is French and can be translated to Today, Bunny.

The story behind this name for my blog is simple. I love French and I decided pretty early on that my blog name would be in French. The name of the blog puts the focus on the present; today and not tomorrow, or worse, someday. It’s about taking action today and also living in the present moment.

My “last name” on the internet is Lapine, which is the French word for ‘bunny’ (they are my favourite animals and also it’s a nickname I’ve been given by my boyfriend and my friends). And that’s all there is behind the name.

But what is this blog about?

Aujourd’hui, Lapine went through some changes as a blog since it was conceived, partially because of changes that happened within me and to my life in the autumn after this blog was born.

Initially, it was meant to be a blog about productivity, keeping myself “in check” and motivated to work on my goals and my projects. However, this “role” was quickly changed once I began studying full-time (which was a big change to my lifestyle) and realised I wanted to focus on a few aspects of my life rather than stretch myself too thin. Thus, this blog’s purpose changed from a productivity/motivational blog to a more laid-back, old-fashioned diary, with entries reflecting on feelings and life (those can be found under Tea Reflection).

I personally like to think of this as a small place on the internet where I get to write my thoughts about issues, emotions, mental health, media, and whichever else pops into my mind. It’s a personal place, but that always aims at helping others through my own experiences and inner growth.

As a small note, this is not the first blog I’ve had. I’ve been blogging on some platform or another since the early 2000’s: in 2001, I was on Splinder (an Italian blogging platform that shut down sometime later); in 2005 I moved to Livejournal and started blogging in English; in 2012 I then moved to Dreamwidth as Livejournal became increasingly less user-friendly. I spent a good decade+ of my life blogging, only stopping in 2015. As someone who used to write in her journal multiple times a week, I really missed having a writing outlet. So it’s about time I went back to having one. ?

So welcome to my blog! Hope you decide to join me on my ride and that you have fun!