28 By 28

No, these are not some weird measurements! 😆 This is my personal list of goals and objectives I want to accomplish by the time I’m 28. At the time of writing this (June 2018), I am two months away from turning 27, which leaves me with a year and two months to work on these goals and maybe even accomplish some of them!

This list was inspired by other lists I’ve seen on other people’s blogs (namely Georgie and Kassy). I will hopefully be writing “checkpoints” posts to check on my progress and get myself back in gear if I see that I’m letting time slip away.

Finally, an important PSA: this is not an exhaustive or comprehensive list of my goals, but it does feature goals that are still important to me and that I think I can achieve in a year. I don’t want to put other major goals on this list that I know are going to take longer than a year to achieve, as I feel it would be pointless and detrimental. I will also be limiting the “goals” that have to do with money as I will be living on a very tight budget while at university and I know it would just make me feel pointlessly bad to not reach a goal just because I didn’t have enough money to do so. I will be limiting this list to goals that I can achieve through my own willpower, as that’s free, and have as few goals as possible that depend on external factors.

Without further ado, here’s the list!

  1. Move to a nicer flat (where I can make youtube videos more easily).
    1. 27/07/2018: Found the flat! Sorting out all the arrangements for moving in.
    2. 25/08/2018: ALL MOVED IN! 💖 And relocated to a whole new city, too!
  2. Read 5 books about photography.
  3. Read at least 5 books that are classics or that are on my “serious” to-read list.
    1. January 2019: Frankenstein, Notes on a Nervous Planet.
  4. Read at least 5 big, bulky comics that are classics.
  5. Upload at least 10 videos to my youtube channel.
  6. Turn meditation into a habit and make it part of my daily routine.
  7. Have a nighttime routine and stick to it.
  8. Have an exercise routine and stick to it. / Exercise regularly.
  9. Join a martial arts club at my university.
  10. Join a society at my university.
  11. Write on a fairly regular basis, at least monthly – it can be for magazines, for my blog, scripts for my videos or just fiction.
  12. Get into a good sleeping schedule.
    1. 02/09/2018: I am now waking up at 8am and going to bed before or at midnight consistently! The move to the new flat did wonders for my sleep schedule.
  13. Finish / Complete 5 video games that I have yet to complete.
    1. June 2018: Finished Tekken 7.
    2. July 2018: Finished Mass Effect.
    3. August 2018: Finished Life is Strange.
    4. October 2018: Finished Aviary Attorney.
    5. December 2018: Finished The Gardens Between, Oxenfree and Ori and the Blind Forest.
    6. January 2019: Finished Yoku’s Island Express, Finding Paradise and Celeste.
  14. Complete the first year of my degree.
  15. Write a letter once a month to my penpals.
  16. Get rid of at least 30 items of any kind that I don’t need.
    1. 25/08/2018: Done this as part of my move to the nicer flat!
  17. Use my BuJo regularly every month.
  18. Know French to at least a conversational level.
  19. Get back to playing the ocarina on a regular basis. Be able to read and play notes.
  20. GM something; one session of a campaign or a one-shot. Anything.
  21. Publish some short fiction stories in a literary magazine.
  22. Read at least 5 or more Lovecraft stories.
    1. At the Mountains of Madness
    2. The Shadow Over Innsmouth (read in January 2019)
    3. The Dunwich Horror
    4. The Shadow Out of Time
    5. Dreamquest of Unknown Kadath
    6. The Silver Key
    7. Through the Gates of the Silver Key
  23. Go to the beach.
  24. Start my podcasts and upload at least a few episodes of the podcast series I have in mind.
  25. Collaborate on a video with my youtube friend. ❤
  26. Keep the blog going until I turn 28!
  27. Eat more healthily by cooking more and incorporating more fruit & veg into my dishes.
  28. Meet new people and make new friends! Both online and real life friends count. Also, get back in touch with some friends I’ve lost contact with due to depression.
    1. 02/09/2018: I am happy to say that I have gotten back in contact with some of my best friends from real life following a long depression where I pushed everyone away and disappeared. I am now talking to them again and this makes me so happy. 💖

And that’s it! As a bonus, I’d really like to go to a meetup and meet some of my online friends who live in the U.S. — but that is very much a goal dependant on money, so I didn’t include it in the main list. I can dream though!

And now, to encourage and motivate myself, here are some goals I have achieved in the past, to show that I can definitely achieve things if I put my mind to it.

Past Achievements:

  1. I passed my HND in Computing with a high B! I previously passed my HNC with an A.
  2. I got accepted into the university that I wanted to study the course that I wanted and have the opportunity to study a degree programme which is very unique in Scotland. ❤
  3. I started my Youtube channel!
  4. I started my blog!
  5. I took photos for and got my reviews and photography published in a music magazine!
  6. I went to two creative writing workshops and enjoyed them to bits.
  7. I have written three children’s books so far! Will have to find an illustrator for them (or poke my old friend when she’s not too busy) and try to get them published at some point in the future when I can dedicate my full attention to finding an agent.
  8. I have made more online friends with whom I’ve grown pretty close to in the past year. ❤
  9. I got into tabletop RPGs and comics, which was something I had been wanting to get into for a while.
  10. I survived deep, suicidal depression, twice. And I am not ashamed to share it.

Keep on achieving things, self!